NEW FOR 2016!

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We have completed our re-location!

After some very time consuming adventures in information technology, we are pleased to say that we are now back online and working out of our new office & warehouse set-up in the Bradenton area of Florida.

We have most everything in stock right now, and we will showcase a new patchwork pant for fall and bring back our basket weave cotton patchwork jacket.

Please also check out our sister site; where there are some Ixchel exclusives, joggers & new hoodies, which we don’t carry ourselves.

The 2016 Collection

We put a lot of effort into our 2016 Collection; we took a fresh look at the best cotton fabrics we use; our house dyed and softened corduroy, our summer cloth for garment dying casual summer wear, our basket weave cotton for structuring bags and accenting apparel, the best of the native textiles we blend into our fashions, and we tried to put them to their best use.

We have all new decorations for some old favorites; we went to our Mayan roots and dug up (well, not quite literally, we let our archaeology friends do that) some great figures from the Classic Mayan period, a serpent carved on the walls of the classic site at Palenque, and the mythical two headed eagle, which comes down to us through centuries of traditional Mayan textile weaving.

We used all of the latest technology we have at our disposal, computerized embroidery and die cut appliques, the vast knowledge of the folks who do our garment dying, studied up on the latest in backpack technology, and tried to keep it all in the perspective of the festival lifestyle casual wear that people expect from us.

We hope you like what you see! Our 2017 collection is just around the corner!