Classic Corduroy Cargo Patchwork Shorts

The original Ixchel shorts; corduroy (of course!) and cotton twill patches, hip and cargo pockets, in three colors, green, blue, and café, but you knew that too, and our concealed pocket. Drawstring plus elastic waist, cut long, so you might want to go a size smaller than usual for you.There is a size chart on the home page of the shorts collection.

The tones of our dyed fabrics do change a little bit from year to year. This is mostly because the dyes we use and the water conditions cause small changes to the results. The images  on the menu are THE ACTUAL COLORS WE ARE SELLING THIS YEAR. We hope you like them. 

Also available in our Terrapin shorts (XTC-10) and our new Mayan Serpent shorts embroidered and appliqued, (CXC-10) and built as strong as we can make them, since you are going to tell us right away if they break....

4 sizes (M, L, XL, and XXL) and 3 colors (Blue, Green, and Cafe)