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We have completed our re-location!

After some very time consuming adventures in information technology, we are pleased to say that we are now back online and working out of our new office & warehouse set-up in the Bradenton area of Florida.

Please also check out our sister site maryfair.com; where there are some Ixchel exclusives, joggers & new hoodies, which we don’t carry ourselves.

Here are our current styles of hippie headwear; next year we will do a fall collection of knits for the cold weather so watch this space!

Meanwhile our ubiquitous 'floppy' hat; in three styles, patchwork corduroy with/without peace sign, and the (pictured) new floppy hat in patchwork native cotton have been festival mainstays for us for a long time. They come free size; they do vary a little bit, if you want us to look for larger or smaller let us know, if you have an especially big hat size, they won't work for you. We are working on going to an "XL" size in the hats, so, once again, watch this space!