Ixchel Gift Cards

Ixchel Gift Cards never expire, can be used with any other discounts and offers and are a great way to order an Ixchel product for someone and let them choose from our collection!

Available in $10.00, $25.00, 50.00 & 100.00, or any amount in $10.00 increments.

Gift Card order & redeem process:

  • When you buy a gift card, you will receive an 2 emails. The first is automatic; it is only the order confirmation email

  • After we receive the order, we will 'Fulfill' the order; then you will receive a second email, this is the actual gift card. The email contains a graphic of a gift card, and a CODE NUMBER you (or the person you send it to) will use to redeem the card.

  • The CODE NUMBER is what you, or the person you give it to, will use to redeem the card. WE CANNOT SEE the code, (although if it is lost, we can void it and send you another)

  • How soon you receive the Gift Card & code depends on the day of the week, and time of day. Normally, the order will be 'fulfilled' within 12 hours. Fulfillment MAY take up to 24 hours.

  • The 'fulfillment' email can be printed or forwarded. We CANNOT forward a card directly to the person you are buying it for- the purchaser has to do it. Once you receive the email, you can forward it, print it and mail it, put it in a card under the Christmas tree, or all three!

  • We also offer a printed gift card- if you want one, let us know on the order, and we will mail you printed cards.

  • This process is managed by the platform that runs our shopping cart, the system does work fine, but we do not control it. WE DO GUARANTEE ANY CARD PURCHASE- if there are any snags in buying, or redeeming any Gift Card,contact us and we will resolve it.