Ixchel. Rhymes with "sea shell".
The Name of the Moon Goddess, Patroness of the Weavers and Artisans of the Mayan Highlands.

Ixchel, Inc. is now located on Florida's Sun Coast, in the Bradenton/Palmetto area, and we have been in business since 1987. We began as, and still are, a wholesale company distributing to retailers, apparel stores, alternative boutiques, lifestyle stores, smoke shops, record stores, college bookstores and beach shops, and many of our products can be found from other retailers. We design and manufacture all our products. We focus primarily on handmade apparel and accessories with an artesanal look and feel, especially in Patchwork: Patchwork Pants, Patchwork Shorts,Corduroy Cargo Shorts, Patchwork Backpacks and Patchwork Jackets. We frequently combine our famed patchwork look with hand made textiles from our source country; hand woven cotton in Ikat and other resist-dyed fabrics, hand brocades, hand & digital embroidery, applique & reverse applique and much more.  We are pleased to have this chance to offer our products directly to consumers in the music-inspired culture we identify with. We are always developing and introducing new products, and we showcase a new collection every year in late winter/early spring.

All Ixchel products are made for us in a worker managed facility in an indigenous village in the Guatemalan highlands.The ethics of our business model are simply this: community development through community empowerment.Our investment in the community amounts to much more than just wages paid to artisans; it involves working with local suppliers, local agents, local contractors, local everything. Together with our principal suppliers, we are pleased to have the opportunity to choose the best, the most community active and progressive individuals and organizations to be our sub-contractors, and trust them to know what is best for their own community.

We are quite familiar with, and we are happy to say that all of our business practices fully comply with the guidelines established by the International Fair Trade Code of Practice.

Our products are also sold by authorized quality vendors at jam music festivals across the United States, the factory team sets up an official Ixchel booth at a few of the bigger jam festivals on the East Coast each summer.

We take great pride in all of our products and we are pleased to stand behind them.

Send us an e-mail at customerservice@ixchel.net

Call the Customer Service Line at: (860) 526 5153 Mon-Fri 9:00 AM to 6:00PM East Coast Time

For more Contact Information go to our Contact Page.

Ixchel Hippie Blog

Holiday Season Update

November 29, 2017

We have certainly had a big increase in traffic on ixchel.net in the last month or so, and it has us on our toes trying to make sure everything is presented well, and that we are offering what people want, in the right sizes and colors, which makes us appreciate all the feedback, even if it isn't always positive. We sent out a thank you in a news letter, but I haven't posted on the blog since Hulaween, so I'm taking a second opportunity to say thank you and say how great it was, to meet so many people at the festival who we normally don't get to see. Suwannee Hulaween is a great event, it gets better every year,... Continue Reading →

About Our Backpacks

October 05, 2017

Well, the truth is, it is not easy, or maybe even advisable, to make a full-on, all-singing all-dancing sport backpack out of natural fiber materials. Backpack technology has evolved quite a bit in the last 15 years; new synthetic fiber shells and especially inner liners, for strength and utility, and also the notions, snap fasteners, elastic lacing, mesh pockets and pouches, envelopes for portable electronic devices, you name it, it has all gotten better. So the challenge for Ixchel has been to evolve with these standards that only the latest technology can deliver, and still create a unique work in a handsome, natural, artesanal style. Well, we have accepted the challenge and here are the results. We started with corduroy,... Continue Reading →