Mary Fair Sister Ixchel Site

Please also check out our sister site maryfair.com; where there are some Ixchel exclusives, joggers & new hoodies, which we don’t carry ourselves.

Hooded Pullovers & Zip Jackets, warm polyester Fleece and cool satin linings, unique & distinctive Hand-woven fabrics, and our famous Patchwork Corduroy, garment dyed hoodies and our new basket weave cotton garments, our Outerwear collection will keep on growing ! Our patchwork jackets in corduroy and our patchwork fleece lined jackets are now back in stock! This is the last run for 2016- we do have a batch of our basket -weave patchwork jackets

Note: we have run short of a lot of the colors for this last 2016 batch; our new corduroy for 2017 is coming right after New Years, and we will do an extra big run of all the jackets to make sure everyone who wants one gets one in 2017- look for them by mid-March!