Handmade Glass Protection

We made the first commercial glass pouches back in 1995; back when 'color changing glass' was a novelty. Kids on Dead tour were making bags filled will polyester pillow filling to keep their glass safe, we said "we can do that", ... and the rest is history. Glass is a lot cheaper now, so people don't use as many glass protectors as they used to, but we calculate that we are closing in on a million pouches sold!
Our pouches are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, fabrics, and styles to fit almost any glass accessories. Thick polyurethane foam padding and drawstring, hook and loop, or zippers keep your glass art safe.
Protect your investment! We try to make them artsy, to compliment the look of your favorite glass pieces.
We are always looking at new ideas to develop to make glass protection that is attractive and interesting, or that evokes a style or genre that people who use glass smoking accessories can relate to, if you have an idea, let us in on it and we'll see if we can't make something that people will want to talk about!