1) Q:Is this also a wholesale site?

A: This site is our platform to sell directly to consumers. Retailers can use it to reference our products, but it is not set up for wholesale orders. Ixchel is primarily a wholesale company, doing business with independent specialty retailers in all 50 states. We sell by catalog, our collection is updated twice a year. There are many products and categories (e.g.:Glass Protection) not available on our website at this time. Wholesale orders are shipped UPS ground out of Central Florida, $100.00 minimum order, no minimums on quantity. We accept all major credit cards. To receive our latest wholesale catalog, email us at customerservice@ixchel.net. Please include your name, store name & address and an email for your store. We will send you our latest catalog in PDF form, and mail you a print copy.Thank you for your interest in our products!

2) Q: I have (or had) an Ixchel product that I love but I don't see it anywhere. How can I get one?
A: we have made so many different products through the years! Some items were discontinued after a long run, and some items just didn't become popular, although they may have been someone's favorite. We can't do custom orders right now, although it is a possibility for the future, but please send a description (or picture) of the item, because: (A) we may have one or two just waiting around for a home, or, (B) we do go back and re-make popular items from years' past every so often, and we really do appreciate the feedback!
3) Q: I understand my Ixchel bag or garment has a concealed pocket, but I can't find it. What's the deal?
A: Well, we did try to make it concealed. Most Ixchel bags & Apparel have concealed pockets (we don't like to use the term "stash" pocket) and the location varies with the item. Since we value our customers' security, we don't publish it. Most authorized Ixchel retailers know where they are located. If you can't find it, drop us a line and we'll give you the skinny.