Patchwork Micro Backpack in corduroy- large

OK, it's kind of hard to call something a 'big' micro backpack, and we knew that sounded confusing.

The skinny is we have always made our little corduroy "micro" backpack, with real adjustable straps and a zip compartment, as an accessory to put on a full size backpack, or saddle bag, or whatever, and it has always been a popular add-on.  We wanted to make a bigger one, and we can't call it a "mini" backpack; we already have a few of those, so anyway, this one is bigger (the regular one just fits a cigarette box, this one will hold an i-phone, but maybe not an Android) with the same real velcro straps, to accessorize a bag or use as a belt wallet. With 2 separate pockets, in patchwork corduroy, and 3 color choices.