Classic Patchwork Pants- Back in Stock !

 Restocked December 22!!-

          -  It is just a few right more, but in every size & color, and we have a lot more coming again after Christmas!

        The website Inventory is correct- so, if you can order it, it's in stock, and we'll ship it out! -If a style says 'Sold Out', we don't have them now, but we will have them again.

 The style that wrote the book on patchwork, in the same soft corduroy and durable cotton twill, in our own dyed-in-house color pallet, available in 5 sizes and three colors, 6 shades 

  • long wearing

  • the same roomy but not too baggy cut

  • concealed pocket

  • Green, Blue or Café - (the patchwork has six shades in each garment-in the same color pallet as the last two seasons)