Hand Woven Hoodie with Hand Brocaded Accents

 The festival sensation. Now available online!

To the people of the Mayan Highlands of Guatemala, it's called corte; short 5 or 6 yard bolts of cloth, made from skeins of hand dyed  cotton yarn, woven by hand on a treadle loom to form jaspes, the finely detailed patterns that the fabric reveals when the dyed warp yarns are woven into place, creating a world of native images: Cats, stags & jaguars, mythical creatures like two-headed eagles, and the holy corn plant.

Then we seek out the best Huipiles; native blouse material, each tiny pattern brocaded by hand on an ancient back-strap loom.

We carefully sort these bolts of textile art and then we cut and sew them into the kind of casual garments you wear today: like these hooded pullovers, with a comfortable cut and feel, pre-shrunk & softened, with all the touches you would expect, a big hood & pockets, drawstrings at the waist & hood, and a well-concealed stash pocket. In five sizes and a world of color choices.

Use the menu to see the choices for each size; each image is the exact garment we'll send you.- PLEASE DON'T SURF THE IMAGES; USE THE MENU FOR YOUR SIZE AND LOOK AT THE VARIANTS TO CHOOSE FROM- otherwise the shopping cart gets confused...