Zip Off Cargo Patchwork Pants

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We are temporarily suspending orders on the Patchwork Zip-offs

We will make the Zip-off version of our 'Classic' patchwork pants again, in fact, they're already in pre-production.

  • We're sorry, we know people want them, and we still have quite a number of pending back-orders with customers who ordered them and are still waiting, but we are going to hold off on taking orders for now.. 

  • We are also discontinuing this style to the Boutique trade; they won't be available in stores at all anymore.

  • We are making One Run of them, in all sizes (4) and all 3 colors- just for the website, they should be back in stock by Mid-October, certainly before Holiday season, then we'll have enough for a years' orders.

  •  We hated having to do this; and we know we're going to hear from people about it, but as our long-time web customers, and people who are used to seeing the collection offered by quality retailers, already know, meeting the demand on all of our collection has been very challenging for the last three years or so. Our loyal suppliers are doing their best; but our collection of Artisanal Fashions, using hand-woven & hand-decorated textiles, has supply-chain limitations, and we are already up against them.

  • We are grateful for everyone's continued support, and for your patience with us....