Our 2016 Collection!

A few weeks have gone by since I last wrote a blog post about our coming 2016 spring/summer collection. We got it all in and put it up on the site in mid-April, and, well, I suppose a thank you is in order, as the results have been fabulous!

WE can tell already that a few items of our new collection are going to be big hits; we know spring/summer shorts are always a big part of our collection, and something people always look to us for, still, some of our new items have already exceeded expectations.

We brought out two new styles of simpler,lightweight summer shorts in native ikat; a patchwork version, and a straightforward one in ikat. The patchwork (PC-11, 5 sizes) one we offer in three color groups; our usual Green, Blue & Café, they might vary a little bit from one to the other but not enough to notice, and the simple ikat one (PC-10, 5 sizes also) we will offer in unique variants, so people get the exact color and weave they see. Already we know they will be all over the festival scene this summer.Classic Patchwork Cargo SHorts with Terrapin Embroidery

But the biggest surprise is the one that makes us happiest: our new Classic Cargo Short with Mayan Serpent applique, we really hoped people would like it, now we just hope to keep it in stock all summer! We feel a sort of personal attachment to that new style: we are proud of our Mayan roots, in our inspiration & the materials we use, and our team who make the collection, so, to see people respond positively to our distinctly Mayan themed decoration on our new flagship summer shorts, well, we couldn't be more pleased.

We did a Mayan interpretation on our Garment Dyed Cargo Shorts as well, we used the Two-Headed Eagle, this one is a traditional textile motif of the Highland weavers, a talisman of good fortune, and we re-interpreted it on our summer cloth shorts in a digital embroidery that is color fast and durable. We think of it as another example of the space we have staked out in the world of casual fashion: where Folk Art meets Hi-Tech.

I have lots more new products to introduce, but I'll leave that for the next post!




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