Holiday Season Update

November 29, 2017

Holiday Season Update

We have certainly had a big increase in traffic on in the last month or so, and it has us on our toes trying to make sure everything is presented well, and that we are offering what people want, in the right sizes and colors, which makes us appreciate all the feedback, even if it isn't always positive.

We sent out a thank you in a news letter, but I haven't posted on the blog since Hulaween, so I'm taking a second opportunity to say thank you and say how great it was, to meet so many people at the festival who we normally don't get to see. Suwannee Hulaween is a great event, it gets better every year, and since we don't send the factory team to too many festivals anymore it is our best chance to go live and see what people think.

If you are on our subscriber list, we will be doing Holiday discounts, if you're not on our list, please sign up, we won't bomb you with emails, but we'll send you a coupon code every so often.

Also, remember the Live Chat feature that follows you on every page of the site. Even if we are not online at that moment, we get the requests right away, and we answer as quickly as we can. If anything on the site is unclear, or you just want more information about anything, simply drop a line in the chat window, and we'll get right back. Thanks again to everyone.


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