A word on our 2017 collection & our re-location


Ixchel had a 20+ year run in the Connecticut River valley; and we sure do miss a lot of people there, but this past year we had an opportunity to relocate to a great place in the greater Sarasota region of Florida’s Sun Coast, so we went for it, and here we are!

We are closer to our suppliers, which does wonders for our supply chain; it will speed up import, help us keep our inventory covered, and help us keep prices in check as we go forward.

Regarding our new 2017 collection, and we certainly hope you like it, we admit that a certain sub-tropical feel might have come over us; we went for bolder colors for our spring/summer apparel than we have done in I can’t remember how long, we also decided to recognize another big change going on around the country and put a certain Ganja leaf out there for people to see, and to see if they like it. The style, I mean.

We may well do a fall update this year, but meanwhile, we hope you like our latest edition of Ixchel’s music lifestyle interpretations, and we hope to hear from everyone, and don’t be shy about giving us your opinion.




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